For efficient and effective operation in a manufacturing unit of an organization, it is essential to
integrate the production planning and control system. Production planning and control deals
with basic concepts of what to produce, when to produce, how much to produce, etc. This
addresses the fundamental problem of low productivity, high inventory cost and poor resource
Disciplined planning and control ensure that production teams achieve targets, optimum
resource utilization, quality management and cost savings.
Learning Objectives
At the end of this course, participants will
Supervise and control an effective and efficient manufacturing system
Forecast need, estimate customer demand, and fulfill orders
Construct and manage an effective Master Production Schedule
Improve understanding of Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)
Apply the Capacity Planning and Management techniques for determining the capacity
Develop and use effective Production Activity Control system
Integrate inventory and physical distribution information with the Manufacturing
Planning and Control system

Learning Contents
What is production planning in manufacturing?
Strategic vs functional roles of production planner
Objectives of supply chain management
production methods: mass production, batch production, mass customization
Material requirements planning (MRP): forecasting, planning and scheduling
Forecasting patterns in demand and supply chain management
Minimizing forecast variances
Maximize capacity utilization & subcontract management
Total productive maintenance to minimize downtime
Production planning KPIs & performance analysis
Production planning and control
Supply Base management
Inventory management

For whom
Production Planners, Managers and Production-related Supervisors in all supply chain



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