The effective management of warehouse operations and inventory control are critical to the supply chain of organisations. The ability to maintain a smooth, constant and efficient flow of products and services to customers provides a significant challenge in terms of processes, organisation and cost.  This course provides the essential tools and knowledge to run efficient, robust and adaptable operations in warehouse and inventory functions.


Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Reduce costs of inventory obsolescence
  • Become truly responsive to the customers’ real needs
  • Make scheduling and loading more efficient
  • Narrow the gap between sales and stock replacement
  • Fine-tune record-keeping accuracy
  • Determine exact material status and inventory burden
  • Achieve quantifiable warehouse performance improvement


Learning Contents

  • Supply chain concept: An overview
  • The basis of inventory control
  • Reducing inventory stock
  • Managing lead times
  • Inventory Management and Customer service
  • Security, Safety and Sanitation
  • Warehouse Operational Principles
  • Warehouse Equipment & handling
  • Material requisition planning
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Inventory Improvements and the Supply Chain
  • Managing People, Resources, Performance


N116,638.00 VAT Exclusive

Discounts off regular fees for open programmes: 3-5 nomination – 5%

Programme also available as in-plant. Fee: Negotiable


Who Should Attend?

Supervisors in the store/ warehouse function and other supply chain specialists.


June 19 -21,

October 14 – 16, 2019


Property of Impact Consulting Nigeria.