Organizations face major challenges when they modify operations and processes, merge, introduce new technologies, or respond to changing regulations and customer needs. This course examines the theory and practice of organizational change, as well as the leadership and people issues inherent in this situations. Participants will explore practical change tools and techniques specifically designed to support implementation of strategic change within your organisation.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will:

  • Know the types of change that occur in organisations

  • Appreciate the range of issues and complexities involved in change management

  • Understand human reaction to change

  • Pin-point responsibilities and accountabilities when leading staff through periods of change

  • Identify the main barriers to change

  • Create strategies for overcoming resistance to change

  • Engage others to build their commitment to the required change

  • Apply tools and techniques to manage change

  • Avoid common organisational transformation errors

Learning Contents

  • The Need for Change

  • Fundamentals of change management

  • Change process

  • Obstacles to change

  • Managing change

  • Adapting to change

  • Coping with uncertainty

  • Monitor Progress and Maintain Momentum

  • Moving forward

  • The preparation of a personal action plan to assist with your ongoing development

Who Should Attend?

This Effective Change Management course is designed those who have the responsibility for implementing and leading the introduction of change initiatives and wish to enhance their knowledge and skills in strategic change management

Available as in-plant. Fee: Negotiable.

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