Business and Sales Performance Conference

The sales performance conference focuses on the relative efficiency and effectiveness of sales operations and provides opportunity to review, learn, interact, build trust and engender commitment among the sales force.

We offer support that ensures rational and creative response to sales challenges using diagnostic tools, relevant experience and expertise.

Learning Objectives

Our sales performance conference will help deliver:

  • Clear understanding of goals and objectives
  • Enhanced sales rep productivity
  • Strategic alignment of sales and marketing
  • Effective connection and collaboration with customers
  • Improved collection and cash flow
  • Effective use of social media tools
  • High morale and trust among sales and marketing teams
  • Retention of top performance

Overall, your sales/marketing and management teams will achieve the result you have always desired.

Programme available on demand.


Negotiable. Available on request as in-plant only

Who Should Attend?

Executives, Managers, Officers and Entrepreneurs


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