This course is designed to help you understand the working of MS Excel from the beginning and how to enter formulae into a cell, build basic charts and format a spreadsheet. Participants will excel use to carry out basic business assignments for effective reporting.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will:

Acquire skills needed to carry out basic assignments using MS Excel thereby reducing paper work and increasing reporting speed and quality.

Be equipped with basic knowledge in Excel for effective reporting.

Learning Contents:

The Excel Interface

Quick Access toolbar

Getting Help

Excel Selection Techniques

Manipulating Rows and Columns

Copying, Moving and Deleting

Worksheets: Manipulating Worksheets

Formatting a spreadsheet

Number Formatting

Freezing Row and Column Titles

Formulas and Functions

Cell Referencing

Using Charts

Customizing Excel

Viewing and Printing

Available as in-plant. Fee: Negotiable.

Who Should Attend?

A must course for any staff in Account, Finance, Audit, Budgeting and those who want to be professional in excel usage and application for effective management reporting.

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