For organisations that are built to last, the principle of continuous improvement in work processes is seen in their operations and also in staff attitudes.

This programme comprehensively deals with quality, its concepts, delivery and improvement processes as well as management responsibilities.


Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Define work processes and outputs
  • Learn analytical approach to continuous improvement
  • Know processes certification criteria
  • Work with others to achieve synergy
  • Meet and exceed customer expectations


Learning Contents

  • Quality management overview
  • Quality delivery process
  • Standards and measurement
  • Identifying processes for improvement

– Cost of quality approach

– Char ting work process flow

– Use of relationship maps

  • Redesigning work processes
  • Cross functional process management – building collaboration
  • Continuous improvement tools
  • Installing a ‘new’ process
  • ISO process certification criteria
  • Change management



N116,638.00 VAT Inclusive

Discounts off regular fees for open programmes: 3-5 nomination – 5%

Programme also available as in-plant. Fee: Negotiable


Who Should Attend?

Officers and managers responsible for improving work output


May 20 – 22,

August 19 – 21,

November 13 – 15, 2019


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