Creativity for Competiveness

Creative individuals and organisations out – perform competitors. Creativity is not so much the creation of an entirely new service or product, but the skillful modification of existing products, repackaging and new combinations. Creativity is essentially about the way we think and the tools we employ. This exciting and practical course will give a new orientation to your staff and managers, change the way they think and work and help them produce outstanding results.


Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Become more market sensitive
  • Use their latent abilities effectively
  • Shift from their habitual thinking pattern
  • Acquire continuous improvement tools
  • Repackage and strengthen existing products and services.


Learning Contents

  • Creativity and innovation as tool for competitive advantage
  • The challenge of the future and the myths of creativity
  • Key concepts of creativity
  • Stages of creativity process
  • The natural thinking processes
  • Convergent vs. Divergent thinking
  • Generating ideas and alternatives
  • Techniques of thinking “out of the box”
  • Habits of creativity
  • Lateral (creative) thinking tools:

–  Brain   storming

–  Fishbone diagram

–  Word techniques

–  Mind mapping

–  Root cause analysis

–  Linear reformations & projections

–  Process review techniques


–  Failure mode effect analysis

  • Barriers to creativity
  • Bench marking for continuous improvement
  • Converting ideas into workable solutions
  • Action Planning


Negotiable, Programme available as in-plant only.


Who Should Attend?

Officers, managers, senior managers and all those involved in process improvement and product development.


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