The link between delegation, motivation and performance lies in the manager’s style and how cohesive the agreements made between manager and team members are.  This course provide answers to the essential questions: what to delegate, how to choose the right person for which task, and what agreements to put in place to monitor progress and how to evaluate success.  Participants will get an insight into Vrooms expectancy theory, Maslow’s needs and Herzberg’s influential Motivation-Hygiene theory and how its application can radically enhance their ability to engage people successfully in their work.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Make effective interventions to increase motivation in team members
  • Recognise the main demotivators in the workplace and how to address them
  • Identify key motivating factors for different employee generations
  • Increase team engagement and enthusiasm
  • Apply the principles of delegation
  • Follow the 5 Steps to effective delegation model
  • Handle manager’s and staff reluctance    to delegation
  • Monitor progress appropriately without micromanaging
  • Increase staff output significantly through skilful delegation

Learning contents

  • The Managerial grid
  • Delegation and performance
  • Steps to effective delegation
  • Overcoming reluctance
  • Managing reverse delegation
  • Increasing staff engagement
  • Applying McGregor, Maslow, and Herzberg’s theories
  • Vroom expectancy theory performance
  • The action centred leadership approach
  • Encouraging performance
  • The three confidences

Methodology: Discussions, Practice, role-play and case studies,


N104,813.00. VAT Inclusive

Discounts off regular fees for open Programme: 3 -5 nominations 5%

Programme also available as in-plant.  Fee: Negotiable


Who Should Attend?

Managers, supervisors, project managers, and team leaders who have direct reports or who work in a team environment



May 16 – 17       August 19 – 20, 2019


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