This course is for people who want to know how to market financial products professionally. Success in marketing financial products requires an understanding of sales techniques, personal effectiveness and consumer behaviour as well as being able to use such knowledge to advantage.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will:

Know the skills and qualities needed to sell today

Understand the roles of decision makers and influencers

Learn the essential planning process for maximum effectiveness

Acquire the techniques of various selling situations

Practice probing skills to identify customer’s needs

Overcome call reluctance

Learning Contents:

The future of financial marketing

Marketing mix for financial products

Analysing your marketing situations

Preparing a marketing plan

Generating leads

Relationship plan, call programme, and selling styles

From suspects to prospects

Understanding the customer mindset

Motivating the customer / offer analysis

Selling benefits

Marketing for long-term relationships

Marketing communication

Creating advertisements for financial products

Negotiation skills

Making sales presentations

Handling customer’s objections


Negotiable, Programme available as in-plant only.

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