Modeling techniques that this course teaches are used in investment appraisal, capital planning, budgeting, valuation, financial analysis, and forecasting to make accurate financial and business decisions at the right time. The course will deliver competencies in the use of Financial Tools designed for finance management. This course is for people who already can create moderately complex spreadsheets and want to add greater sophistication, automation and build models.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be proficient in:

Advanced financial performance presentation and analysis

Loan management and loans schedules determination

Product sales, marketers and distributors performance analysis

Product costing and pricing decisions

Investment appraisals and capital rationing solutions

Cost of capital determination

Cash flow planning

Business forecasting


Participants should already be using Excel on a regular basis.

Learning Contents

Data Modeling

Formula Auditing Tools

Conditional Functions and Date Calculation

Business and Financial Forecasting Techniques

Building Financial Models

Ratio Analysis and Ratio Interpretation from the Model

What If Analysis (Sensitivity Testing)

Capital Budgeting Techniques (Linear Programming)

Cost of Capital

Project Evaluation Techniques

Present Value (PV)

Introduction to Macro and VB scripting

Available as in-plant. Fee: Negotiable.

Who Should Attend?

People in Risk Management, Financial Control, Management accounts Financial and Investment Analysis

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